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IvorySQL Release - 1.3


Release Notes

[Release Date: May 27, 2022]


IvorySQL 1.3 is based on PostgreSQL 14.3 and contains a variety of fixes and new feature from IvorySQL 1.2. For information about new features in major release 1.0, see IvorySQL 1.0 release notes.

This release is compatible with IvorySQL 1.2 and does not require a dump/restore for those running IvorySQL 1.X

However, if you have any GiST indexes on columns of type ltree (supplied by the contrib/ltree extension), you should re-index them after updating to IovrySQL 1.3. See the second changelog entry of PostgreSQL 14.3 release notes For updates and bug fixes in PostgreSQL 14.3 please refer to the release notes of official PostgreSQL 14.3.


  • Support for Anonymous blocks. Anonymous are unnamed PL blocks in PL/iSQL. Unlike named blocks, An anonymous block is not get saved in the Database server and is just for one-time use. Details

  • Bug fixes

  • Fixed a server crash using the LEVEL pseudo column.
    issue details

  • Fixed an issue with using the extended data types in Packages throws an error.
    issue details

  • Fixed an issue, If the package is created in pg_catalog namespace (implicitly part of search_path), calling the package object without schema qualification throws function/procedure not found error.
    issue details

  • Fixed an issue with nls_length_semantics is not honored by NCHAR and NVARCHAR
    issue details

  • Fixed an issue with DROP PACKAGE BODY not cleaning up the package body.
    issue details

  • Fixed an issue with specifying END label in PL/iSQL was throwing an error.
    issue details


The following individuals have contributed to this release as patch authors, committers, reviewers, testers, or reporters of issues.

  • Asif Rehman
  • Grant Zhou
  • Jack Lan
  • Shengbin Zhao
  • Muhammad Usama

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