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IvorySQL Release - 1.5


Release Notes

[Release Date: Sep 09, 2022]


IvorySQL 1.5 is based on PostgreSQL 14.5 and contains a variety of fixes and new feature since IvorySQL 1.4.

This release is compatible with IvorySQL 1.4 and does not require a dump/restore for those running IvorySQL 1.X.

It contains a variety of fixes from 14.4, specifically fixes an issue with Extension scripts replace objects not belonging to the extension that could cause to run arbitrary code as the victim role, which may be a superuser. More details can be found at 14.5 release

Similarly, there are some important fix included:

  • Fix replay of CREATE DATABASE WAL records on standby servers
  • Support “in place” tablespaces
  • Fix permissions checks in CREATE INDEX

For updates and bug fixes in PostgreSQL 14.5 please refer to the official PostgreSQL 14.5 release notes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed package variables to allow constants and disallow pseudo type variables. Details
  • Package tab complete. Details


The following individuals have contributed to this release as patch authors, committers, reviewers, testers, or reporters of issues.

  • Asif Rehman
  • Grant Zhou
  • Shengbin Zhao
  • Muhammad Usama

Complete Changelog