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PGCon2022 meeting review | Technical explanation of IvorySQL project

· One min read

Grant Zhou, head of Highgo North America Research Institute, delivered the technical explanation of IvorySQL project at the meeting on May 26, 2022 Ottawa time.

This conference mainly introduces who we are, what IvorySQL is, IvorySQL key function points, community contribution guide, developer guide, etc. Based on PostgreSQL 14, IvorySQL adds some exciting features on top of PostgreSQL!

IvorySQL provides the following features based on PostgreSQL:

  • Oracle compatible Packages

  • Oracle compatible PL/iSQL procedural language

  • GUC to switch between Oracle and PostgreSQL modes

  • Oracle compatible syntax for various DDL operations

  • Oracle compatible date/time functions

  • Built-in Orafce (

Many more …, please read the release notes from

  • Please check the Issues tab in GitHub regularly to get the latest feature lists

  • Welcome everyone to submit the features you want here

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